Are you Pregnant?

Not sure what you should be eating now that you are pregnant?

Not sure which foods you should be avoiding?

Not sure which supplements you should be taking?

Or perhaps you are suffering from some of the more common “discomforts” associated with pregnancy such as nausea, constipation, fatigue, heartburn/reflux or sleeping difficulties?


Pregnancy naturopath

Now that you are pregnant, there are endless questions about what you should be doing, eating, taking……and on it goes! Your naturopath is qualified to advise you on what you should be eating and what supplements are most appropriate for you. Pregnancy naturopath Tina Jenkins has spent 12 years working with pregnant women helping to optimise their health throughout this special time in their lives. Tina also offers practical and helpful solutions to help ease many of the “minor” discomforts commonly associated with pregnancy. The specific use of homeopathics, dietary advice or gentle herbal teas assist you in maintaining a more natural approach throughout your pregnancy and often provide relief for some of these discomforts.

Now you are a mum!

Congratulations- you are now a mother!!! Whilst this is a time of excitement and joy, it can also be a time of increasing fatigue and exhaustion for many women. You may also be experiencing cracked/bleeding nipples, mastitis or low breast milk. Thankfully these are issues that your naturopath can help you with. Your naturopath can also assist in your recovery from the birth and optimise your health so that you are more able to enjoy the delight of your new baby.

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Are you Pregnant?
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