Herbal Medicine

What is herbal medicine?
Herbal (botanical) medicine is a system of healing involving the use of specific herbs that have been found to have health benefits. often known as the traditional medicine of many cultures, today's herbal medicine practitioners are educated in both the traditional use of the plant as well as its modern science and research.
How do I take herbal medicine?
A naturopath may prescribe herbs in many different forms; tablets, teas or tinctures. Tinctures are liquid extracts of a herb and are the most concentrated and best absorbed of all the forms of herbal medicine.Tinctures are usually only available from a qualified practitioner.
How safe is it?
Tina only uses high standard herbs that have been thoroughly tested for quality as well as for contaminants. Herbs are sourced from TGA licensed laboratories ensuring that they undergo rigorous testing and that their manufacture meets the same quality requirements as the pharmaceutical industry. Herbal medicine is a safe and effective form of treatment when used under the supervision of a qualified practitioner.

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Herbal Medicine
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