Undergoing IVF?

Trying for a baby has become increasingly difficult in today's society and many couples have chosen IVF to help improve their chances of conceiving. IVF can help bypass some barriers to conception (such as blocked fallopian tubes, hostile mucus etc) however, it does not address egg or sperm quality. There are many things you can do prior to IVF to help improve the quality of your sperm and eggs which can in turn, help increase your chances of conception through IVF.


IVF naturopath

Tina Jenkins specialises in the natural management of fertility issues and has helped many couples to improve their health and give birth to healthy babies. Ms Jenkins specialist training (postgraduate training in natural fertility management in addition to her naturopathic training) as well as her experience working in conjunction with world-renowned fertility specialist Dr Christopher Chen at his IVF/fertility clinic at Gleneagles hospital in Singapore for many years, puts her in a unique position to offer advice for those undergoing IVF. (About Tina)

What is involved in treatment?

A 3-4 month period of treatment time prior to IVF is ideal. Research by Foresight (The Association for the Promotion of Pre-Conceptual Care) in the United Kingdom shows that couples undergoing IVF may improve their chances of conception by 47% by following preconception care guidelines prior to their IVF programme.

After a comprehensive history is taken, Ms Jenkins will suggest an individualised treatment plan aimed at improving egg and sperm quality as well as supporting the female reproductive system in preparation for a pregnancy.

Are there any tests that are required?

Semen analysis, blood hormone levels or other conventional tests may be required. If such tests have been performed recently, patients are encouraged to bring along these results to their initial consultation. Hair analysis testing for both partners may be advised in order to screen for the presence of heavy metals such as lead or mercury that may adversely affect fertility.If an excess of any of these toxic metals are found in either partner a specific programme will be devised to assist in their elimination from the body prior to trying to conceive.

Can I use naturopathic treatment whilst undergoing IVF?

Naturopathic treatment aims to optimise your reproductive health and is conducive to the IVF process. A qualified naturopath will be able to advise you on what specific treatments (eg. nutritional supplements, herbs etc) may be continued throughout your IVF cycle as well as those that should be ceased during that time. Should you conceive through your IVF cycle then your naturopath will be able to advise you regarding the necessary dietary and nutritional changes to help support a healthy pregnancy.

As Tina has spent many years working alongside an IVF specialist in a hospital setting, she is fully aware of the advantages of concurrent naturopathic treatment during IVF. She is also able to recommend IVF specialists who are supportive of your desire to maintain your health naturopathically throughout your IVF program.


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